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Beth’s 10 tips for YOUR Pilates Time!


1. Start at the beginning

It can be very tempting to dive right in and push yourself with challenging, advanced pilates classes! We all want to be stronger, fitter and we want the exercises to count, right?
But with anything new you learn, grasping the basics is the key to a solid foundation.

2. Be patient

Progressing step by step is the absolute key to seeing positive results in your body and in how you’re going to feel! You’re here for the long game, so relax and enjoy the process! 

3. Personalise your practise

The ladies who truly establish consistent routines with their pilates time know how to make it work for them.
If you’re a night owl, then clicking play in the evenings will be ideal. Don’t try to get up at the crack of dawn because you’ve heard that’s a good time to exercise.
Figure out when, where and the type of classes you enjoy, and simply do that! 

4. Make a ‘pilates space’

You don’t need a home gym or designated room to practice pilates. But do try to create a clear space that is readily available for your pilates time. If you have to clear clutter away every time you think about doing a class, it will become a barrier to you establishing your routine.

5. Don’t rush

Doing the exercises quickly won’t make them more effective. Sometimes the slow, precise movements are the most challenging! We can use our pilates time as a way to slow the body and also the mind as you flow through the exercises.

6. Listen to your body

Trust yourself. Recognise the difference between hurt and hard. If something pinches, or pulls or just feels wrong, then it’s not for you right now. But, recognise when the exercises become hard! That’s okay. You are strong, and you’ll grow in those moments!

7. Be kind to yourself

Say nice things to yourself. Your self talk will drive your actions. If you beat yourself up for missing workouts, then you’ll start to feel negatively towards your pilates time. If there are moves that you can’t do, try not to feel defeated, but choose another move you know you can do.

8. Learn to breathe with movement

Learn to work in sync with your breath. This is key to connecting with your body and adding vitality to your practise. It will help you become more aware and in tune with your body.

9. Modify the moves

Learn the various levels of an exercise, and be okay with modifying them if you need to. This way, you can make sure you maintain good form, which means the moves will be more effective and you won’t hurt yourself.

10. Be proud of yourself

Celebrate your progress! You’re doing great and every time you roll out your mat you’re investing in your long term health!
Celebrate with a treat for yourself! You deserve it!
Some things I’ve done for myself include…  Buying a new lippy, soaking in a bubble bath, buying a new book, taking a friend to a cafe, or buying some new yarn for a new craft project.

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