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Here is your 20 minute class.
Feel free to come back to this as often as you like and remember, it's consistency that makes a difference - not intensity! 


Imagine how good you'll feel, following a class like this a few times a week!


My Pilates Time is your Plan For Consistent, Enjoyable

and Effective Exercise.

1. Join My Pilates Time

For just $25usd per month, (with no lock in contracts) you get access to our ‘On Demand’ pilates classes, live classes with Beth, monthly support calls and our community of ladies all in it together, looking after ourselves.

2. Follow the Classes

You can choose the classes by category, so that you can find the classes that will suit you best. Choose the intensity level, the prop, the area of the body or the length of the class to optimise your time on the mat.

3. Maintain Strength & Move with More Ease

With a plan that’s achievable, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your confidence will grow as you notice positive changes in your body! 

How Does My Pilates Time Work?

Follow recorded classes from home, whenever you like. Many are just 20 minutes long and suitable for true beginners.

Yep. You read that right. Pilates isn’t reserved for those gifted with supernatural fitness genes! It isn’t heavy and hard, it’s just about moving your body in a way that keeps it healthy and strong. And here’s the best part… Anyone, at any age, can get started!

Join LIVE in person classes with Beth (Various times each week)

It’s about finding a connection with yourself and finding joy in every class as you work towards your own personal fitness goals. Classes are never too stuffy or serious – and you’ll leave every session feeling better than when you started. Whoever said staying fit couldn’t be done with a smile on your face?

Pilates just might be the perfect option for you to help find the new lease of life you’ve been searching for





*billed in USD



*billed in USD


I'm here to support you feel your best!

Be in touch if you have questions... I'm happy to help.


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